Brakes & Suspension

There are few repairs that are as important to the safety of you and your family as brakes and suspension.


If you hear squealing or grinding every time you come to a stop, find yourself having to press extra hard on your brake pedal to get a response or if your brake warning light is on, it’s time to bring your car to have the brakes checked.  Even in the absence of these symptoms, we recommend having your brake system inspected at least once a year.


A worn-out suspension not only gives your your car an uncomfortable ride but also makes it difficult to handle and dangerous in an emergency situation requiring quick maneuvering. Conversely, if your car suspension is in good repair, it will give you a smoother ride, hold your vehicle more stable during sudden turns, and give you better control. So if you notice excessive bouncing and swaying when you go over bumps, if your car is not sitting level or does not handle well, come in for a suspension inspection.


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